Solar EPC

Medors will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all equipment and necessary materials, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility of the solar EPC power plant to their clients. Medors follow the following steps to provide you perfect Solar EPC Solution as per ISO & ROHS Standards.

Having an enriched experience in Electrical work from last 40 years, Medors Entered in E.P.C of Solar Power Plant and completed one-megawatt rooftop installation during last five years, 

Medors installed lot of off grid and on grid, solar power plants, having a enrich specialization in liaising and implementation of  net meter and resultant installed first net meter  in the year 2014, 
Medors have different horizons to work; our engineering team is specialized to fit solar panel at any location any roof , we made an uplift structure of 28 ft height along with cleaning passage FOR SOLAR MODULES  so that we will get the maximum output from the project, 
Medors team is very much interested in taking the challenge and fitting the solar EPC modules as per the requirement of client by keeping in mind for optimum utilization of roof space and integrate the solar photovoltaic with existing building,
Medors being an ISO registered will follow step by step installation of Solar EPC, with the help of highly professional team we take care of  plant layout, cost controls, yields design and technical feasibility of Solar EPC power plant
E-tendering with our standards will help us to procure high level of material at competitive prices  which superseded the standards of international market, as well we will take a performance bank guarantee from our supplier to deliver the project to client within stipulated period
with a high level of coordination and supervision, we complete the project before completion date by providing high standards of constructions as per applicable Indian Standards, fulfilled by the high level of commercial and technical management we never missed and a single stipulated mistake, 
Medors being a united team of global alliance with superior of level of consultancy will try to deliver the projects with high standards meet to EN & ASTM standards 

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