1. Company History

Medors is India's largest private sector power utility company having installed the largest number of solar thermal (for water heating) and photovoltaic projects (for power generation). The company has emerged as a pioneer in the Indian solar sector having an excellent record of performance, service and sustained growth.


  1. What the company does

Medors has a presence in all the segments of the power sector - thermal, hydro, solar and wind, transmission, distribution, trading and Bio-fuel. The Company has established a global footprint and has successful public-private partnerships in the generation, transmission and distribution channels. Medors manufactures its products (solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heater systems, thermodynamic panels and advance solar water heater, hot water vented / unvented cylinders) in India.


Their products are developed and based upon research projects into solar, biodiesel, biogas, production of algae in open ponds and extraction of oil in convert in biodiesel which they undertake with Government Institutions and Universities in India.

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