1.               Business goals and objectives

Medors Renewable Energy aims to promote the use of renewable energy at a much larger scale than at present. The key issues, as identified by the company, are that renewable energy solutions are currently a quite expensive solution only affordable by middle upper or higher members of the population.  Their aim is to provide the technology at a much more competitive price and look at viable finance options to make the savings pay towards the systems cost itself. Medors are passionate about the environment and aim to educate and enlighten consumers about the long term benefits of a renewable energy system and its contribution to a cleaner environment.  Furthermore, Medors understands that the stumbling block for switching to new and cleaner technology is the fact the understanding of the technology is often limited compared to old technologies which are currently in use. This is the reason that one of the most crucial objectives is to educate consumers about the technology and encourage them to spread the word. Consequently, the majority of sales to date made by Medors have been for case studies at much cheaper prices which involved customers speaking about their experiences through the whole process and educating others about the technology.

2. Business strategy

Medors aims to expand their business in different counties.  Medors have come to understand that the uses of renewable technology are endless and the technology can be used in different weather and climatic conditions.  The business strategy is to distinguish themselves by being the first company to develop new technologies and find uses for the existing technology.  This is the reason why Medors spend a considerable amount of time undertaking research projects to maintain their status as the market leaders in the industry.  Presently their aim is to develop technology that combines PV storage and thermal technology so that the energy can be stored and used when adverse weather conditions such as winters in cold countries demand it.  Medors business strategy also involves the promotion of the use of thermal technology so the over dependence on the sun in the case of Photo Voltaic can be overcome.  This also allows houses which are not south facing or do not have south facing roofs to install renewable energy systems and see a saving on their energy bills at the same time as helping towards a cleaner environment. Medors main objective is to develop solutions for larger properties with sizeable energy needs and properties with swimming pools to enable them to utilise the technology.  Medors are committed to achieving their objectives and are partnering with Nottingham University to find and develop the solutions.

3. Economic intent

Economic intent of the company is to provide reliable renewable energy solutions to customers at competitive prices. Medors believes in making a small profit to build a company reputation of being genuine, reliable and with its customers at the heart. Medors will generate employment and opportunities for other businesses by being involved in the processes of calling, advising, selling and installing our products. Medors will continue to invest heavily in research projects providing academics with opportunities to work closely with them to develop more applications for the existing technologies as well as developing new and improved technology.


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