Medors solar thermal collector is comparatively lighter compared to other solar thermal collector panel supplier. Other solar thermal collector weight about in between 17 kg to 50 kg whereas Medors solar thermal collector weighs around 12 kg. This is a major advantage over other solar thermal collector available as this ensures that solar thermal collector does not get breakage, bent in  and gets damaged as is lighter and has more strength as well.

Medors's solar thermal panel's size is 2000mm x 800 mm which is considerably smaller as compared to other solar thermal collector in the market. This means Medors's solar thermal collector have higher efficiency with lest surface area which allows it to collect more heat from the environment. This allows compressor to work less to compress the refrigerant and directly customer has greater savings.

Medors's innovation has seen a new double panel being manufactured which takes less space and has greeter output. This solar thermal collector is used by us in our advance solar water heater which allows it to be the most efficient product with greatest savings.

Medors's advance solar water heater on special request is available in different colors allowing the panels to match color of your roof or wall which gives more trendy and fashionable look to them.


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