Controls for Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

  • Temperature control device
  • Combined temperature pressure relief valve,
  • Expansion Valve
  • Expansion vessel 


Valves and Safety Equipment with Cylinder


  • Isolating valve: Require to isolate the system from the water main for maintenance purpose.
  • Line Strainer: Are fitted to ensure the efficient functioning of other controls with moving parts by filtering out derris, sediment and other particulars matter,
  • Check Valve (non-return valve) to prevent back-flow of water from the system should there be a reduction of pressure in the water mains.
  • Inlet Pressure reducing valve or pressure limiting valve, reduce the mains water pressure to the working pressure of the storage cylinder or heater, Pressure reducing valve are often supplied as a combination unit incorporating a line strainer and a check valve.
  • Expansion Vessel: To accommodate the increase in water volume as the system is heated a vessel containing a bag type diaphragm surrounded by nitrogen/air precharged to correct pressure (static plus 0.2 bar) is fitted to the system.
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