The Medors advance solar water heater functions with the refrigeration liquid either (R134A OR R407C) which are environmentally friendly liquid and are at -350 degrees. For Medors 's advance solar water heater to heat water successfully there is two main cycles one being the water cycle and the other one being the refrigerant cycle.

The refrigerant liquid goes through the expansion valve in the
Medors advance solar water heater where the pressure on the refrigerant liquid is released 
and than refrigerant is at -350 degrees. This refrigerant at -350 degrees goes in to the solar thermal collector where it gains temperature depending on the ambient temperature. If it is 70C than refrigerant liquid will gain temperature up to 420C degrees, this temperature than will go in to the Medors advance solar water heater in semi gas semi liquid form. This than will get compressed by Hitachi high heat compressor specifically designed for heating up to optimum temperature of 650C degrees which will turn the refrigerant in to gas form and than this heat will get transformed in to titanium coil in coil heat exchanger. This cycle will keep on repeating until the whole cylinder has been heated up to 600C degrees temperature as sensed by the electronic sensors in the solar box.

The second cycle is the water cycle in which cylinder first gets filled from the main supply. This 
water than leaves the cylinder and is circulated by the circulation pump in to the heat exchanger in Medors advance solar water heater. Then the titanium coil in coil heat exchanger transfers the heat of the refrigerant which is in gas form to the water and than this hot water leaves the solar box and is circulated back in to the cylinder until the cylinder water reaches optimum temperature of 600C degrees.

Medors 's advance solar water heater although also has a 
back up option in which urgent need of hot water the solar box heats the water up with the electric element which is set up at 350C degrees. This facility allows the Medors advance solar water heater to hear water using the electric element and allows the machine to meet all the needs of hot water whether urgent or not so in any weather condition through the 24 hours in a day.

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