Medors is a leading manufacturer research and application of solar photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 20 Mw a Year, which is specialized in Crystalline modules with more upcoming technology, we have obtained the approval of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, IEC and SGS Certification. Presently Medors manufacture polycrystalline & monocrystalline modules for his self projectss and export to U.S & Europe. 


Polycrystalline panels are made up of block cast silicon crystals.Electrons can be trapped in the crystals grain boundaries between the individual crystals in a panel causes a lower efficiency. The typical efficiency rating for a poly-crystalline panel is around 13.5% mark at 250C.this will drop more at high temperature.


Monocrystalline panels are created from a single silicon crystal, either found naturally (very rare) or grown in a laboratory. This process, called re-crystallising, panels have a smooth uniform appearance than polycrystalline panels.The typical efficiency rating for a mono-crystalline panel is around 16.5% marks at 250C.this will drop more at high temperature.


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